Hello and welcome! Getting your photography services is as important as finding the right photographer to do so. Here's a little bit about me to make your decision easier. I am an Orange County based photographer, who enjoys interacting with new people, visiting new places, and capturing all the moments in between. Though I specialize in wedding photography, I open my horizon to other areas as well, especially newborn and maternity shoots. I am an easy going individual and get along with just about anyone, which makes challenging situations all the more fun to handle. Photography has always been a passion of mine - something about viewing the world through a different lens makes you truly appreciate the little things. I'm a visual learner and love to let my pictures tell the story for themselves.

Each image I take is as important as the first and last. I love weddings because of the excitement and anxiety that ensues. I get to follow the bride, groom and their families throughout the day and by the end of the night leave as one of their own. I want to make sure your pictures are like that one movie you can see a thousand times and reminisce each scene and never tire of it. I do not personally label myself with a specific genre, I find it can limit my creativity. Rather, I let the day, mood, and couple dictate what feels right, though I do enjoy simplistic photojournalism at times. My images are natural, colorful, and elegant. I believe I have a creative eye and look for ways to make a ordinary scene extraordinary. Though I'm not an outgoing socialite, I am personable and honest. I am a die hard Netflix binger. I survived the 22 mile Narrows hike in Zion and hope to pursue more of the great outdoors. When I'm not actively photographing or at clinic, you can find me reading a good government conspiracy novel. I'm always open to new ideas and love collaborating so shoot me an email/message/text at anytime. I look forward to meeting you soon!