Stress-free Wedding Day

Keep calm, and bride on! It’s your wedding day. You’ve gone through the stressful phase of wedding planning and now is the time for you to sit back, champagne in hand, and relax.

Here are 10 tips to make your wedding day as smooth as butter.

  1. Double check the timeline with your beauty team and vendors. Ensure they arrive on time and expect when to be done.
  2. Have your hair and makeup team work on the bride first then the bridesmaids and family.
  3. Let your beauty team start with your makeup then work on your hair. This will give your wedding photography and videography team a head start to capture your bridal preparation without having to wait.
  4. Have everyone photo ready (dressed, shoes on, touched up) 20 minutes before you get in your dress.
  5. Put on some fun tunes: tidy your getting ready space, pop some champagne, give your phone to your maid of honor.
  6. Girl…you can eat. Be sure to stuff your belly and hydrate yourself. Your smiles will be more authentic and you won’t worry about your stomach growling or passing out from hunger.
  7. Have an emergency wedding survival kit handy. This includes your hairspray, perfume, mints, lipstick. All the essentials for the just-in-case moments during the day.
  8. Soak up the first look. This is your private moment, hug it out, let your tears fall, and your emotions flow.
  9. Have a helper in charge of gathering all members for the wedding party portraits and family formals.
  10. Let all wedding problems go to your maid of honor. She should be able to handle most situations without you having to worry. Give her all the vendor contacts.

Relax. Breathe. Drink. Enjoy. Dance the night away. We hope you use these tips for a stress-free wedding day. 

Be sure to inquire about our wedding photography and cinematography services for your wedding! You can email to see if we’re available for your wedding day!

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