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There’s a lot to consider when deciding to have a first look or not. A first look is an intimate time for you to see each other alone before the wedding. Most of our couples opt to do a first look. But we absolutely shoot weddings without first looks as well. Just wanted to let you know the options you have available and benefits of doing a first look. All that matters is you’re happy with which route you decide to go.

Here are our top five reasons we recommend having a first look!

1. It’s your private moment!

You might not realize but your first look might be the one and only moment you can enjoy alone, together. The rest of the wedding day will be filled with family, friends, the ceremony, and mingling with guests. Before you know it, the day will be over and you won’t truly get to enjoy those magical moments alone. Also, this is the moment we capture the best reactions and most candid moments.

If you wait for the first look at the aisle moment, you have to wait until the end of the ceremony to react and tell each other how amazing you both look. At that point, the reaction isn’t the same as the first glance.

2. You get more photos!

Generally, after a first look, we immediately dive into a couple’s session, which means more portraits to choose from later! You’re investing in your wedding photography, who doesn’t enjoy more out of their investment? These will be the images you decorate your home with, share with family and friends, and keep looking back on.

3. The timeline flows smoothly.

From a photography standpoint, a first look timeline allows us to do some amazing things. For starters, we get to get portraits of you two right then and there, right after you’ve seen each other. Following your first look, we head into the wedding party & family formals. This means you get to spend more time with your favorite people, have more images together, and after the ceremony enjoy cocktail hour without rushing directly into portraits.

4. The magic doesn’t end at the first look.

The moment you two get to see each other, you get to cherish each other’s reaction, embrace, kiss each other, and tell each other how much you love one another. While some take on the traditional approach of enjoying the first moment as your bride walks down the aisle, that moment is actually enhanced by the first look. It doesn’t take away from the surprise or emotion. While you get to enjoy your intimate moment alone together, by the time the ceremony comes, you’ll have spent time apart once the bride goes into hiding and reset the anticipation of seeing your bride walk down the aisle. It also calms the nerves since you’ve enjoyed this intimate moment privately and freely.

5. The wedding party and family will thank you!

Bridesmaids love this timeline because their hair and makeup is fresh, they aren’t hungry, haven’t cried off their mascara, their feet don’t hurt, they are looking their best, and they are photo fresh. What the guys love about the first look timeline is they get to take care of all of these portraits ahead of time. Once the ceremony is done, they can go straight to the bar and relax. You’re starving, you can get food, mingle with your friends and family. We can get all this done in advance.

Every first look is unique and different, some are more emotional, others are more playful. Either way, this is your moment to enjoy and share together, regardless whether it’s before or after the ceremony.[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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