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Things I love:


  • My family, especially my sister, and my two besties
  • Dogs (pugs, corgis, and golden retrievers - I'll have them all)
  • Babies (can't find me, ask for the closest newborn)
  • I love to sing and dance whether someone's watching or not
  • Long walks and long talks, anytime, anyday

Random Facts about me:


  • 3 things I can't live without: water, chapstick, sunscreen
  • Sometimes I get a serious case of the Laughies (it's contagious!)
  • I was born in Ethiopia, Africa & grew up learning 3 languages
  • I ate a whole bag of cheeseballs in one week, 3600 calories in my belly
  • I am a die-hard 'Friends' fan, I make references all the time!

Things I don't like:


  • Chocolate (I'm vanilla all the way)
  • Seafood (ordered fries & cheesecake from boiling crab once)
  • Creepy Crawlers (flies, cockroaches, even butterflies)
  • Horror Movies (I still have nightmares from the Poltergeist)
  • Super OCD and Germophobic, drives me nuts when things aren't organized or clean
Get to know me more.

1. My sense of humor is:


2. If I had one superpower it'd be:


3. My favorite cartoon show:

Courage the Cowardly Dog

4. If I could be described as a dessert I'd be a:


5. My ideal adventure begins:

on the couch

6. The breed of dog that best describes me:

golden retriever

7. My favorite pass time:


8. If I could be somewhere right now, it'd be:

Hawaiian Beach

9. What do you love most:


10. I'm here because:

I want to know if I'm your type