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About Us

Deepicka Mehta Photography is an Orange County based Wedding and Portrait Photography studio. We travel the world documenting our client’s most cherished moments. We have a supportive team of talented photographers, cinematographers and editors. Our Team takes pride in offering our clients the unique, once in a lifetime, photography experience they are looking for. We have a client-first mentality to ensure you have an amazing experience from start to finish. In the end, we provide creative images that represent you and will be your first family heirlooms. The DMP Team consistently produces images that are colorful, timeless, and cinematic in style. Our love for storytelling and wedding photography are perfect for couples that want to remember their day as more than average. We take the ordinary and make it extraordinary.

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Deepicka Mehta

Boss Lady / Creative Director
As a hopeless romantic, Deepicka found front row tickets capturing two souls in love. She knows the importance of lost moments. She focuses on the art of storytelling from the perspective of the guest, as if you were sitting watching your wedding day unfold. She lives for documenting real moments and telling her couple's wedding story through unique and compelling imagery. Her car is packed for any adventure, spontaneous or planned! She's a believer in keeping it real and living in the moment. Deepicka is a jiu jitsu fanatic and fitness enthusiast. When not traveling or shooting, she spends most of her time around her dog, Tiger.

Our Philosophy

We Believe In Your Legacy

We love serving the world by narrating the start of your legacy for your grandchildren to find one day. Photography is more than just images, it’s a real part of your day. Not only do you deserve beautiful images, you also deserve an amazing photography experience.  When you look back on your wedding day, we want you to remember all the amazing moments you were a part of or missed in the rush of the day. Those are the priceless memories you can’t recreate. We believe every couple deserves to have their story told. We document love. We believe in soulmates. We capture real moments as they happen, the raw emotions, the joyful tears, the sweet smiles, the bittersweet goodbyes.  

bride and groom portraits in mountains
first dance indian bride and groom portraits

Bring Home Your First Family Heirloom

We understand the value of highlighting raw emotions and go above and beyond to feature those moments. The value of those images is priceless. Heirloom Art is the cornerstone of our Wedding Photography. Your photos and films should be breathtaking, beautiful, epic and fun. Your love story is a series of moments that are meant to be documented and preserved for your grandchildren to find one day. We believe in heirlooms. Your album and wall art will be the first family heirloom you bring home. These artifacts stand the test of time and you can enjoy and relive your day five, ten, twenty years from now. You can share your legacy with your grandchildren as you go through the moments together.

Quality You Can Trust

We know you pour your hearts into your wedding. You make it unique, memorable and reflective of your personal tastes. We ensure every detail you thoughtfully curated is captured. The DSA Team provides an experience you can trust. As professionals we are skilled in the art of storytelling, lighting, posing, and knowledgeable of traditions. We are consistent in the quality of work that is delivered, whether that is images or videos of your day. Our team is equipped with the top gear to ensure no moment is missed. Whether it’s shooting the the bright afternoon sun or a dark, low-lit venue, we capture shots that others would miss. 

bride and groom golden hour sunset portraits
bride and groom reception portraits

We're Committed To You

We take a fun and artistic take on weddings. Our images and films are innovative and entertaining that you can’t stop watching. From years of experience we have customized our services and products to fit your style and individual needs. From planning your day, working with your vendors, to scouting locations, and guiding you to choose your wall art and albums, we are here to capture your day, your way. We love working with couples whose top priority is quality photography and cinematography for their wedding. 

Why We Do What We Do

We take immense honor in the couple’s we cater to. The ability to write their love story as it happens in its genuine, raw, emotional state, for their granddaughter to find one day – because there are no ordinary moments, just a million un-ordinary ones that make up a lifetime. It’s your story, we merely transcribe it for generations to come. Your love is evidence of a legacy 250+ years strong, starting from your great-great grandparents, passed down to you, and one day to your children. 

bridal portraits with red lipstick and crown

We create heirlooms to help you through the rough patches, when it gets hard to remember why it all started. We remind you of your happiest moments. We bring smiles to your children as they live through the epic journey you‘ll carry out. We are your biggest cheerleaders! We build genuine friendships. We make relationships flourish. We create things that were meant to last.

night portrait of bride and groom

Because, we believe in soulmates. We believe in love. We believe in elegance and poise.We believe in tight hugs and long kisses. We believe in raw emotions and real moments. We believe in a shoulder to rest on, arms to comfort, love that takes you off the ground and twirls you around. We believe in a legacy. We believe in leaving something behind that matters, that’ll make a difference. We believe in Him and Her.

Because at the end of the day, we believe it started with love

golden hour sunset night bride and groom portrait in garden

Our Style

bride and groom night portrait in garden


Our cinematic images are unique. The style is fashion inspired with dramatic lighting to make you stand out from your environment. The result is images that are vibrant and colorful. We take at least one cinematic image from your day. The cinematic images are best used for wall art to hang in your home.

bride laughing during groom's vows


The best moments we capture are the ones as they happen organically. We shoot photojournalistic moments without being intrusive for most of the wedding day. These are our favorite because they capture emotions. The only time we guide our couples through posing is during their couple’s session.

bride and groom portraits in garden


While our cinematic style is more creative, our timeless images are the classic images you will see in most of the galleries. These images are clean, light and airy. Depending on the time of day, most of these images are shot in natural light. In low light settings we will add our lighting to have the same effect.

we've been featured

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