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  • What services do you provide?

DSA Photography provides Photography and Cinematography collections for weddings, engagements, and portrait sessions.

  • What is your shooting style?

Our Photography and Cinematography collections are shot true to life, leaning towards bright and airy. Our signature work centers on genuine and intimate moments on a wedding day. Our final products are elegant, classic, and timeless. All colors are vibrant, with an added crispness for a pop in aesthetic. We’re natural light lovers, and love playing with off camera lighting for tasteful natural and dramatic images!

  • Do you release RAW/unprocessed files? Why?

We believe in delivering the absolute best to all of our couples. When you hire DSA Photography, it means that you are hiring an artistic vision that you love, with professional post-production skills, and the DSA style. We can promise the only images that will not be in your gallery will be duplicates, blurred images, lighting test shots, and images where someone is blinking or walking in front of us. You’ll have all of your best images and major moments in your gallery! We don’t leave anything out! For that reason, we do not release any RAW/unprocessed images or video files. All final deliverables are a final DSA Production product. Raw images are unprocessed images that go through our post-production workflow to represent a final DSA Product. Video files are shot in Log, a desaturated, flat color profile in numerous short clippings. Footage is sorted through and sequenced, multiple camera angles are synced, and audio lined with the footage. Shooting in Log allows post-production extensive dynamic range for color grading, exposure setting, white balance adjustments among other edits to fit the DSA style.

  • How can we book you?

Fill out our contact form and we’ll reach out shortly. Once we receive the signed contract and retainer, your date is secured!

  • Do you offer different booking and package options?

We offer a starting base collection from which you can customize your selections from any of the a la carte items you see fit. The Base Collection offers everything we think are essential to your wedding day, from coverage to team, to final deliverables. Standard wedding day collections start with 8 hours of coverage.

  • What does Continuous Coverage mean?

We only provide continuous coverage. If you have a morning wedding and evening reception, we have to charge for the time in between the events. During the gap time, we are backing up our images/video files, charging our equipment, traveling to the second location, shooting the venue, or making up for lost photo time and using that time for extended portraits for you and your significant other and family.

What if we only need a few hours of coverage and just a few images for a small event?

The least amount of photos to be delivered will be through a mini session or reduced hours of coverage. This doesn’t affect the base collection price. However, the investment includes the cost of the services that is associated with the shoot including gear prep, travel time, shooting, backing up the data, loading files, culling, editing, delivering, etc. The work doesn’t just stop at the shoot. We’re working from the minute we book you till after the final gallery delivery. That being said, we have a 3 hour minimum hours of coverage for smaller events that you can look into instead.

Do you shoot destination weddings?

We love a couple who is a fan of travel and adventure and absolutely want to take part in that journey! While DSA Photography primarily serves Los Angeles and Orange County, we do travel within the States for destination weddings. Both the Photography and Cinematography collections do require additional reasonable costs of travel and accommodations. Please contact us for more details.

Do you charge travel fees?

Travel fees and parking expenses are based on the distance to your event location(s). The purpose of these fees is to compensate for the time spent in travel for the team. These are additional to the overall collection investment.

Why do I have to pay sales tax?

As a full-fledged photography and cinematography studio in California, we are liable to collect sales tax on any physical products purchased, whether that product is an album, prints, or a USB. Our base collection does offer tax-free services that fall within state guidelines. Tangible products can be purchased through the a la carte list and are subject to sales tax.

Do you provide discounts?

We try our best to fit a custom collection catered to your needs but shooting and making films is an extensive process with a lot of backend work and we do not like compromising our equipment or talent. Though there is an added bonus to booking photo and video with DSA Photography! Inquire about the perks of having our whole team there with you!

 Is there a charge if we go over the contracted time?

We do dedicate the entire day to your event so won’t be running off at the end of our contracted time to make other plans. We do ask whether you would like to extend coverage towards the end of your contracted time. We bill in 30-minute increments at the rate specified in the contract. Additional coverage does incur costs to compensate for the team staying additional hours and additional footage and editing time that is added thereafter.

Have you worked at our venue?

We’ve worked with numerous venues within the Orange County and Los Angeles area. However, if we haven’t had the chance to work at your particular venue, rest assured, we’ll capture your venue to its finest detail. We research the location, arrive early to scout areas to shoot first looks and portrait sessions. Our experience allows us to overcome working with various lighting and backdrop settings. Even if your venue has strict regulations, we have the gear that can overcome these limitations.

Do you have liability insurance?

Yes, most venues require full liability insurance to shoot at their location. We’d be more than happy to send them the Certificate of Insurance (COI.)

Do you offer engagement sessions for photo and video?

We offer engagement sessions that comprise photo and video that run from an hour and a half to two hours. These are great to announce your engagement and act as Save the Dates and Wedding Guest Books!

What is the engagement session turnaround time for our images?

Engagement session images are released within 4-6 weeks and the engagement session video within 6-8 weeks.

When should we schedule the engagement session?

We know planning a wedding is a long and tedious process and making time that both you and your significant other are free is difficult. We advise taking your engagement session as soon as possible, at minimum 8-10 weeks before the wedding. We highly recommend scheduling your engagement session on a weekday, there is less traffic and less of a crowd. We typically like to shoot closer towards sunset, though work with all hours of the day.

What happens if the weather is bad for our engagement session?

We will check the weather at least 24-48 hours. If there is a good chance of rain, we can reschedule the date free of charge.

Can we choose any location for the engagement shoot?

This is your engagement! You have the full control to decide where you plan to have your session. Though keep in mind, additional travel and permit fees will apply depending on the location. We do have our go-to favorites for you to choose from as well.

What is the turnaround time for our wedding gallery?

We believe you should be able to relive the most special day while it’s still fresh in your mind. A high-resolution online gallery is released within 4-6 weeks of the wedding day.

How is our gallery delivered?

All the high-resolution images are delivered in a beautiful gallery available online. You have access to download, print, and easily share the images with friends and family and on social media.

How many images do we receive?

Each wedding varies in hours of coverage, the flow of the day, and the number of events and activities that need to be captured, but typically ranges from 60-80 images an hour.

Do you provide images in a USB drive or CD?

Since we live in the digital world, most of our work is delivered online, with ease of access, ability to download, and share files with family and friends. However, upon request, we do provide USB drives with images or in a CD for an additional cost, and subject to sales tax as well.

Do you deliver all the images shot?

We take the busy work and make your life easier. We go through the images and individually select the best. We eliminate any duplicates, test shots, bad expressions, or other images that do not reflect our overall product delivery and only deliver the best.

Are all the images delivered edited?

Each image is edited to our style and is consistent from start to finish, showcasing only a final DSA Production product. All images go through our standard post-production which includes color correction, exposure adjustment, black and white and color adjustments, among others. All the images delivered will be similar in editing style and consistent from the first event to the last.

Is there an additional charge for further retouching?

While we custom edit each image, advanced retouching does require additional editing fees. Advanced editing includes removal of blemishes, removal of under-eye bags, fly-away hairs, body resizing, object/people removal, and other custom work, and are billed hourly based on the time required ranges and complexity of each project.

Do you shoot other events as well?

While our focus is on weddings, we do serve clientele from other niches as well. We’ve done several special events (birthdays, anniversaries, bah mitzvahs) and commercial photography as well. Due to our busy schedule, we take on a limited number of special event and commercial photography sessions.

What format do you shoot in?

We shoot in Raw to maximize our ability to retain image detail and edit it to the final DSA Product.

Do you provide albums?

We print heirloom albums for our clients. Our signature albums are 20 spreads and have 80-100 images plus or minus a few. Additional pages and images requested can be added at an additional cost that includes the design time and revisions. The turnaround for an album varies on how quickly you respond to the instructions for the album design and the requested revisions to be made after the initial design.

Do you provide prints?

All images we release are high-resolution and come with a print release. You are more than welcome to print these images on your own from any printing facility. We do advise printing through our professional services for prints larger than an 11×14.

How much do your films cost?

Each wedding is unique and varies upon the size and type of wedding. We understand that no two couples are the same. That’s why we offer custom collections catered to the client’s vision, based on the number of hours, team members, and final deliverables requested. All collections start with an investment of $3000. Please contact us for more information.

What is the turnaround time for our wedding films?

We believe you should be able to relive the most special day while it’s still fresh in your mind. Our current turnaround time is 8-12 weeks from the wedding date.

How is our video delivered?

The final video deliverables selected are available online for viewing, downloading, and sharing among your circle.

Do you provide the films in a USB drive or CD?

Since we live in the digital world, most of our work is delivered online, with ease of access, ability to download, and share files with family and friends. However, upon request, we do provide USB drives with the films or in a CD for an additional cost, and subject to sales tax as well.

What are the video deliverables available?

You can select from a highlight reel of 6-12 minutes, a full feature film that is 15-30 minutes in length, and a documentary edit of the ceremony, speeches, and performances. All deliverables are dependent on the length of your wedding.

What is the difference between a full feature and a documentary edit?

A full feature film is essentially an extended highlight, creatively edited with specialty edits, multi-camera angles, and extended ceremony, speech, and performances stitched together in a semi-chronological order. Documentary edits are the complete ceremony, speeches, and performances laced chronologically.

Can we make song selections for our wedding films?

Absolutely! You can select songs that you prefer for your wedding films from the sites where we select our music. We only use licensed music that best flows with the cinematic wedding film for a timeless and artistic feel.

Do you only shoot wedding videos?

While most of our work is catered to our wonderful wedding clients, we also take on a limited number of special events and commercial videography as well. Inquire for more information.

What is your video style?

We are a blend of cinematic and documentary style cinematographers. We capture moments in their raw form as they happen authentically and narrate them in a cinematic manner.

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