The Groom Wedding Survival Guide

So we often hear the groom proposed then took the backseat and let the bride takeover the wedding planning process. Nowadays I feel the trend is changing. More grooms are taking on a larger role and we think you should!

Here’s our groom survival guide from the proposal to saying “I do” at the altar.

Be involved.

Be a part of the wedding planning process. It’s your wedding too. Share your inputs, and divide the work. Not only does this mean you get to spend more time with your favorite person, but you can let both your personalities shine from choosing the details to finding the right vendors.

Invest in a Custom Suit

Why rent a tux when you can spend towards a custom tailored suit that you can wear for years? With a rented tux, you have no idea how many times your suit has been worn or what it has gone through. Find something that is the perfect fit, comfortable, YOU and rock it!

Don’t forget the details.

No two weddings are the same, neither are you two! Forget social trends and norms and customize your wedding to reflect you two as a whole. Include a custom wedding playlist, cufflinks, hidden messages on your shoes, wedding favors geared towards your favorite movie themes. These are the details that are worthwhile and makes your wedding unique and memorable!

Have a first look.

We’ve all been there. The big day arrives but you feel the pre-wedding jitters, nervous, stressed, a little anxiety builds up. Wherever you are on the spectrum, nothing a first look can’t fix. Seeing your beautiful bride for the first time in her bridal gown. Hugging her tight, kissing her for as long as you like, telling her how beautiful she looks. Simply enjoying that priceless moment alone does wonders to calm any nervousness or fears.

You are about to build a beautiful marriage together, that starts with the initial wedding planning to the moment you are officially Mr. and Mrs. Use our groom survival guide to simplify the process and make the day a breeze.

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